Hello, I'm Cory Foy

Org Consultant / Technologist Rescue Medic and Drone Pilot

What I Do

Business Strategy and Agility

Using world class techniques from Lean, Wardley Mapping and Business Strategy we help organizations deliver products and programs with high agility and effectiveness.

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Assessments and Training

The first step to improvement is understanding where you are. Our assessments and online training help you know where your organization, team and strategy stand.

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Rescue / Drone / SAR

Cory serves as a Technical Rescue Medic/Captain helping in disaster and emergency situations, and provides aerial intelligence using UAS platforms through his company Flight Tactics.

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About Me

Trusted Executive Consultant and Technology Partner with experience in a wide variety of industries

Cory combines over 20 years of software development and executive and organizational consulting with executive leadership in Fire, Technical Rescue and Emergency Medicine to advise leaders on how to run effective organizations.

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Client Testimonial

“Cory is an extremely talented individual both technically and organizationally. He fundamentally gets the drivers, patterns and organizational dynamics affecting technology organizations and has amazing insights. I am a big fan of Cory's and hope I have the opportunity to work with him in other future programs.”

Software Executive

“Cory was a wonderful edition to the team. He introduced fresh ideas and implemented several key process changes. He played a pivotal role in the development process of a major release of our suite of products. In short, he had a very positive impact on our product and as a result on our company.”

Director Global Services

“Cory's stay was enough to show me the quality and calibre of his workplace persona. He's an excellent developer, but even beyond that he's someone with a commitment toward doing the right thing for the team. He was never afraid to stand up and represent the interests of his fellow developers, and he was equally strong in encouraging and holding accountable those same team members. These qualities, along with a bright and enthusiastic personality, make Cory a blast to work with and a valuable addition to any team.”

Data Platform Architect
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“I have consistently regarded Cory as one of the "rock stars" within the software world, and seek out his advice and collaboration on a regular basis. In all of that time he has consistently shown a high degree of integrity and attention to detail in all aspects of our collaborations, and has consistently demonstrated his expertise on cultivating growth and performance within technical organizations. My regard for his skill set and guidance is such that I have chosen Cory as my professional career coach, leaning on him frequently to help me navigate my own growth as a leader and to help make the right decisions for the startup organizations I am a technical leader for.”

Head of Software Development

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