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The only thing constant is change

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Businesses today must execute and deliver with a level of agility that reaches beyond engineering to incorporate ideation and value realization. With over 18 years of experience in the financial, insurance, health care and technology markets, we have the experience and approach to help your organization deliver faster.

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Push Your Boundaries

Our approach focuses on incorporating both sides of the pipeline - combining proven business sequencing, scoring and decomposition with a readiness and delivery model that ensures delivery of the highest value for the capacity you have. We integrate maturity models for business and technical practices to help you visualize your growth, even at significant scale.

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Interested in learning more, or having us speak at your event or conference? Contact us today at hello at! We'll help you navigate the challenges of bringing agility across your organization. You can also find us on LinkedIn, Twitter, GitHub and our blog.

The only thing constant is change

Want More?

We have great articles and presentations available on our blog, helping people understand Iterative versus Incremental, how to work in multi-modal environments including Waterfall, Scrum and Lean, and what exactly agility is all about. You can also see talks on Continuous Testing, Choosing Between Scrum and Kanban, and how to Do the Right Thing at the Right Time.