Two Radar Charts with an Excel Table below themEvery journey starts with understanding where you are and where you want to go. Our assessment methodology provides objective, independent views to give you the intelligence you need to assess your organizations capabilities.

Backed by over 100 data points and honed in some of the largest organizations, institutions and agencies in the world, your assessment will provide insights into four key quadrants:

  • Business Agility: The ability to intake, prioritize, sequence and validate the key initiatives to drive your business forward
  • Management Agility: How well your organization manages work, capacity, value streams and process across teams
  • Technical Agility: The ability to integrate and evolve your systems in a way that delivers value without significant technical debt or quality concerns
  • Team Agility: Are your teams ready for the challenge of being able to adapt and respond to change? This quadrant looks across key processes regardless of the methods each team implements.

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