Consulting and Training

Your impact on our organization can’t be understated. Not only are we in a better place operationally and strategically, I’m a better leader from your work

Technology Executive, Bay Area, California

Finding ways to increase the agility of your organization can be challenging. Choosing the right methods and practices, growing your teams and leaders, and getting objective assessments of your journey can all have an incredible number of options available, many of which require large changes or don’t feel like they fit in your organization.

For over 20 years, Cory has been working with organizations across the globe to increase the effectiveness of the entire Delivery Pipeline – from executive strategy to budgeting and technical delivery. He and his network of partners and associates bring insight and knowledge across regulated, government and technology organizations in four key areas.

Strategy and Product Delivery

Starting with our customized organization assessments, we create a picture of the gaps between where you are and where you want to be. We incorporate techniques around Business Strategy and Portfolio Management including Incremental and Iterative Delivery, Wardley Mapping and Gameplays and Purpose-Based Alignment Models. We then find the execution models that work for your organization, combining our expertise and principles in Agile, Lean, Kanban and SAFe with stability and guidance from Lean Six Sigma and traditional project management for areas that require a more formal approach.

Team and Technical Coaching

The right strategy, gameplay and vision is meaningless if you can’t execute on it. So we provide team evaluations and coaching which help them find their most productive operating model whether that’s Scrum, Kanban or other methods. We help teams drive out insights into the way they work, and our background in technology means we can offer core guidance in architecture, software development, testing, cloud strategies and microservices.

Scaling and Growth

We’ve helped numerous rapid-growth organizations find ways to scale and grow effectively especially from the two “transition points”: growing from around 30-70 up to 300, and again from 7-10 teams up to 40 and beyond. Our transformation success at some of the largest financial, insurance and government agencies comes from a proven maturation and transformation process which sets up organizations to build the core competencies internally.

And for organizations facing significant challenges, we’ve worked with organizations devising strategies for turnarounds and realignments, and can work rapidly with your leaders to assess impacts and determine the right steps to make.


Finally, change doesn’t happen without awareness and knowledge. So we offer training services in a variety of topics, including Lean/Agile, SAFe, Wardley Mapping and Strategy. Contact us today to learn more about our offerings and the impact your organization can have.